Terms and Conditions

Each ticket sold entitles the purchaser to attend an educational event regarding the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Time and location of educational event to be announced June 12th on the website. All proceeds from ticket sales are used solely and exclusively for funding the educational event and to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. No proceeds from ticket sales are used to pay for the gift to be given away at the event. A separate entity has offered to pay for and give to an individual in attendance or entitled to attend the educational event, whether present or not, six (6) tickets to attend the 2017 Iron Bowl on November 25, 2017, including travel to and from an approved airport of the winner’s choice, limited to a 1,200 mile round trip starting and ending in Mobile, Alabama, as well as a shuttle to and from Bryant Denny Stadium and the airport in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Said entity will not receive any consideration whatsoever for the gift. If a cause beyond the reasonable control of the entity making the gift, including but not limited to an, Act of God, weather, equipment failure, strike, delay, availability, etc., precludes the trip from occurring, then the entity will gift a substitute trip within the 1,200 mile round trip as described above.